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Audim Ltd produce mobile monitoring systems which make companies more efficient by auditing service delivery.


In any work environment from routine cleaning to clinical care it is important that you not only know the standards you have but can prove they have been achieved. It is becoming increasingly important to ensure the effective deployment and use of resources.


AUDIM can provide this proof. Audim is a monitoring system which combines the use of mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, PDA's) with a web based system to enable service inspections to be carried out and the results analysed and reviewed in reports and charts on your PC.


Audim doesn’t just provide a system – it provides the whole solution.


Uniquely, Audim comes fully populated with questions for all of the services that we cover.  The questions are based on established standards and best practice. In addition, clients can incorporate bespoke surveys and questions.

Audim is a flexible soution

Unlike other solutions, Audim is a flexible solution which actively encourages clients to suggest improvements and changes.  Many of these are implemented a no cost to the client as they improve the system for all clients.


The Audim system does much more than monitoring and includes full Task Management and Calendaring .


If your hospital or company is under pressure to cut costs while also improve services to patients or clients, then Audim can help.




The system is modular enabling clients to purchase individual or groups of services, using either Capital or Leasing options.


Benefits of the Audim system
  • Time savings over paper based methods
  • Staffing efficiencies - more time on core activity
  • Low cost
  • High Return on Investment
  • Easy to use