Audim started as a tool to monitor cleaning services in the NHS – and this is still it’s biggest market – however it is now used throughout the NHS and private healthcare sector to monitor many other services. It is also used by major facilities management companies to monitor the services they deliver – allowing rapid reporting to clients.

Audim in Hospitals

Audim is used in hundreds of NHS hospitals across the UK (and abroad) to monitor services such as Cleaning, Catering, Waste, Security, Estates – and many more. It comes pre-loaded with NHS National Standard of Cleanliness 2021 audits (inc Efficacy Audit).

Good Governance

“You cannot confirm or prove good practice in service delivery – unless you monitor it”. Audim allows you to confirm to best practice in monitoring.

Audim in Universities

A version of Audim is used is used to check in hundreds of thousands of students into their accommodation every year. This is followed by mid-term inspections and check-outs – as well as many other services.

How it works

Our application works on Android and iOS devices. Data is saved on the devices and automatically synchronised to a web system where users can analyse the data and create reports.



The Benefits

Audim is not just an app – it provides the whole solution – from mobile to analysis to reporting. It ready to go – with all the surveys you need.

Time Savings

Faster to use than paper based methods or Excel.

Quick and Easy to deploy

Intuitive to use – minimal training required.


Surveys are easily created or adapted.

Excellent Support

Same day support provided – if needed, we rarely get support requests!


No transcription of data from paper or Excel.

Full Loaded

The system contains dozens of Best Practice surveys – ready to use.

Security first

Password protected, encrypted and secure.

Constant Innovation

Audim has a dedicated software development team and is continually being updated to keep it current.


Audim is a well-respected auditing solution. Audits cannot be tampered with after they are completed.

So how does it work?

The web system is used to manage the Location tree and Users for the organisation. The system already contains dozens of Surveys – ready to go – or these can be adapted. We tell mobile users of the organisation how to download the app onto their devices. We have a secure way of ensuring only valid users can use the app.

Mobile users can start taking audits immediately. These are saved to the device – the user does not need to remain connected to the internet. Audits are synchronised from the device when the user is ready.

Administrators and other users with relevant permissions can the use the web based system to securely analyse the audit data and easily create reports. The web system contains a dashboard which shows results and KPI’s.

Easy to use or powerful?

Answer: Both! Audim has been designed to be intuitive to use – however it has the capability and flexibility to meet the most demanding needs. In the past, a national Audim client was able to sync over 10,000 inspections in a day!

At the other extreme, we have been able to deploy the mobile system to over 30 users – without any training at all. Those mobile device users picked up the system and stated taking audits the same day we deployed it – just by turning it on.

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