Why Audim?
Audim Corporate Why Audim?

There are a number of reasons why our clients feel Audim produces a better monitoring solution:


Practical understanding of Monitoring


The system is designed by managers with practical experience of monitoring and, while all surveys can be changed to meet individual requirements, they are all pre-populated with questions. The survey questions seek to provide exemplar standards utilising best practice or recognised business standards. The system was also designed for ease of use but with the ability for detailed analysis of results if required.


Quick and Easy to deploy 


While we have provided a fully a functional system, we also deliver bespoke solutions both in terms of localised reports and additional features, and we are continually adding improvements and additional features to the core system. Given that Audim is a web or browser-based application, it is straightforward for us to release these updates and improvements.


Operational efficiency


  • Conducting an audit using a mobile device (such as a smartphone, tablet or PDA) is quick and straightforward, and synchronisation and production of the reports can be produced within a few moments.
  • The automation of audits to eliminate the need to re-type paper audits, produce spreadsheets and reports is estimated at reducing the process by 30%.
  • Auditing ensures efficiency in the service being audited whether to improve the quality of service provided or highlight activity not undertaken.
  • Quality monitoring coupled with contract adherence can ensure payment deductions for underperformance.


A Solution not a System


Rather than being something designed by IT people which tries to fill a need, Audim is a framework which uses IT to gain maximum advantage.


Audim categorises surveys into Service Groups currently these include:


  • Environment (Cleaning, Catering, Waste, Security, Grounds )
  • Nursing ( Essence of Care ,ICNA, Saving Lives and range of local hygiene audits )
  • Risk Management (Fire and Health & Safety )


In total the whole system comes pre-populated with nearly two thousand questions. Clients can choose to purchase the whole system, a single service group or even individual services.





Our objective is simply to provide the audit surveys and audit types you need.


We have created traditional audits based on Pass/Fail but this can be extended to a wide range of additional answer formats for example: i.e.  multiple choice for patient satisfaction surveys.


Low Cost

We have priced the Audim system to be more competitive than any other monitoring system we know about. If you can find a system, which has the extensive range of functionality that Audim has, we will guarantee that we will beat the price. Audim can be bought two ways:


  • Lease: where a cost is paid monthly per PDA.
  • Capital: where the client pays a one-off fee for the system (with the only variables, being user licences).