Audim Corporate Technical

The Audim system is based on Microsoft technologies.


At the core of the system is a SQL Server database. This is controlled via a browser-based system written using .NET tools and Java controls.


The system can be hosted:

  • Centrally in our selected data centre. This is a 3rd party hosting company who specialise in hosting web and database servers. We do not host systems ourselves as we prefer to leave the security, technical backup and fail-safe mechanisms to those companies that specialise in this field.


  • On your local server. If you do not wish us to host the system for you, we can install the system within your own network on your database and web servers.

As the system is not based on individual PC’s, it is much easier to maintain and upgrade.


The system is browser-based; you do not need any software installed on your PC other than the browser that you already use. We recommend Internet Explorer (IE) 6+, or Firefox 3+.


The handheld (smartphone, tablet or PDA) system also uses Microsoft or Android technologies and will run on an device running Windows Mobile (5 or 6.1 professional), Windows Phone 7 or Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)+.

Please contact Audim for further information.