Audim Corporate Support FAQs
Listed here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Audim monitoring system.  If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact info@audim.co.uk

Web Application

These FAQs relate to the central web or server based Audim system.  This is where users manage their data, produce reports and action plans, and have full control over their application.

How do I access the Audim system?

To logon to the Audim system (if it not hosted on your own internal network) visit system.audim.co.uk

Why am I asked to keep logging on?

Audim keeps a user logged on for 20 minutes.  If there is no activity during this time, the user will be asked to logon again.  This is a security measure to ensure other users who do not have permission, cannot use a session that is left idle.

PDA Application

The FAQs for the PDA provide help with common queries relating to the application on the hand-held device - which is primarily used to take audits.

How do I start the PDA application?

To use the Audim application on the PDA, turn the device on and select "Start > Programs > Audim".


If you have used the Audim application recently, you can also select the Audim icon directly after click Start: "Start > Audim".


Please note: If you cannot see the Audim icon in the list of programs, click "Start > Settings > Menus" then un-tick the box beside "Audim".  If this box remains ticked, the Audim icon can will always be pinned to the "Start" list and will not show in the Programs list.

How safe is the data on my PDA?

There are number of features to ensure data on tyour PDA is kept safe.  For more information please see: Safety.


Transferring audit data between the PDA and the web application and vice-versa is referred to as "synchronisation".  There are a number of ways to synchronise data and these FAQs should provide help if you need it.

Why did my sync fail?

To synchronise, your PDA needs to be able to access the internet.


If you are using a 3G data Sim card in your PDA/smartphone, please ensure that a data connection is enabled.  As devices differ please check your PDA/smartphone instructions on how to do this.  In general select "Start > Settings > Connections > Connections > Advanced" and select a network.