Property, Estates & Facilities
Audim Corporate Products Property, Estates & Facilities


The Audim system monitors the full range of Property, Estates & Facilities services (these are often referred to as Environmental Services). 


In the NHS, these are all the Services which are not clinical.


The current Environmental Services we cover are:


  • Cleaning Services
  • Estates
  • Grounds
  • Catering
  • Security
  • Waste



Each of these Services consists of several Surveys.  The number of Questions in each Survey varies but is based on best practice, client requirement or agreed standards.


Cleaning Services


Whether you work in the NHS or business and industry we all have a good idea of what we would regard as clean or dirty. Our cleaning audits are based on the stringent requirement of the NHS to ensure standards of cleaning contribute to minimising Hospital Acquired Infections. "Service Inspection" audits check cleaning standards in accordance with the NHS Cleaning Standards. In business and industry these will be modified to meet your own requirements.




If the buildings we work in are in poor condition or the work environment uncomfortable, our own activity suffers. Audim provides both technical and lay audits to review estates activity. Audits include visual inspections (are the light bulbs working? is the heating comfortable etc) as well as full PPM (planned preventative maintenance ) programs following best practice and NHS HTM’s (Hospital Technical Memorandums). These incorporate inspecting plant maintenance and checking the records to ensure routine and statutory inspections have been carried out. The PPM and record inspection program is divided into three:


  • Operational (daily, weekly activity)
  • Monthly (monthly maintenance)
  • Annual (annual inspections and maintenance)





We may not all have the green finger touch but can all appreciate a nice garden or courtyard at our workplace - whether to sit in or just view. While each organisation may have specific requirements, broad standards of work routine, appearance and equipment safety have already been programmed within our grounds audit.




We may not all like the same food but none of us want to experience food poisoning! Our catering audits include both customer satisfaction surveys and food standards audits. These surveys check cleanliness, food temperatures, working practices and staff training.




Where clients employ security staff or incorporate security within the role of others, they have a vital role in:


  • Reassuring client staff
  • Acting as a deterrent
  • When necessary, protect client staff or property.


Within the NHS security staff must conform to the requirement of the Counter Fraud and Security Management Service (CFSMS) which has been used as a basis for these audits. Audim "Client interface" audits check client staff understanding of the role of security and their own security procedures. It is vital that security staff have a clear understanding of their role and that these are checked. Whether responsible for access, advice or training, questionnaires help ensure their operational activity is monitored.




We are all increasingly aware of the importance of recycling and minimising the impact of waste on the environment. Failure to adhere to waste procedures can also incur financial penalties, which can be significant for business users. Within the NHS they have an added responsibility for clinical waste. Our audits have been based on the needs of the NHS for both general (domestic) and clinical waste. Audits are provided to:


  • Check client staff understanding of waste disposal.

  • Ensure its removal and storage is correct.

  • Undertake a duty of care audit of final waste disposal.